The Financial Benefits of Trading with Finotive Funding


In the ever-evolving world of prop trading, financial stability and growth opportunities are paramount for success. Finotive Funding’s Pro Account delivers distinct financial advantages, including a monthly salary, attractive profit splits, and reduced commissions. This article delves into these benefits, illustrating why the Pro Account is transformative for traders.

Background on Finotive Funding

Finotive Funding is one of leaders in the prop trading industry through constant innovation and responsiveness to traders’ needs. The Pro Account exemplifies this dedication, offering financial stability and enhanced growth opportunities.

Salary Benefits

A key feature of the Finotive Pro Account is the monthly pro-rata salary. Traders receive a salary equivalent to 1% of their account capital each month, disbursed daily. This ensures a reliable income, providing financial security even in volatile market conditions. As account capital increases, the salary scales proportionally, up to a maximum of $1.67 million.

Profit Splits

Finotive Pro offers an exceptional profit-sharing structure. Traders begin with a 75% profit share. After the first 30 days, they receive a 100% profit split and a refund of the purchase fee. This approach ensures traders are well-rewarded for their performance, maximizing their earnings.

Lower Commissions

The Pro Account features reduced commission rates, making trading more economical. Lower commissions enable traders to retain more of their profits, enhancing overall financial gains. This competitive advantage is crucial for those aiming to minimize costs and maximize returns.

Additional Financial Advantages

Beyond salaries and profit splits, the Pro Account offers further financial benefits. The challenge fee is refunded after the initial 30 days, providing an immediate financial boost. Additionally, traders gain access to an upgraded dashboard, exclusive meetups, and a suite of educational resources designed to enhance trading skills and financial outcomes.

Financial Security and Rules

To ensure financial stability and consistent performance, Finotive Funding has implemented key rules for Pro Account holders. The consistency rule requires adherence to trading strategies, monitored by an advanced algorithm. Traders must also achieve a 5% net profit every 90 days. Failure to meet these requirements results in a transition to a standard challenge account, while retaining the earned salary

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